Stomach fat is one of the main reasons and undoubtedly the number one by which overweight or obese people begin to look for changes in their lifestyle, diet and some routines to lose weight.

Abdominal fat, apart from being one of the most annoying and very badly seen in the aesthetic, is also too dangerous for the health of all people as this can increase the risk of heart problems.


When performing cardiovascular exercises it is sometimes much better that some intense diet is the one that works best. The truth is that each body is different and what one person serves, maybe another does not.

The main thing to do is to improve your diet and this is because you are looking for a good diet that will serve you only because all the bodies are different and do not have the same reactions and very important to perform cardiovascular exercises, to lower belly.

Cardiovascular exersise

The cardiovascular exercises you can do to better burn abdominal fat are really very varied some of them are:

Quick hike
Jump on a trampoline or rope
Aerobic dance
Martial Arts
Kick boxing
Ride a bike
What you should keep in mind is that there are different levels of cardio, but any activity that raises your heart rate is considered cardiovascular exercise. This type of exercises positively helps over all the torso and all abdominal muscles , strengthening them and helping to lose belly essentially abdominal fat thus achieving strong abs.

Weights and resistance

In addition you must take into account the different options that you have in the world of exercises with the right weight for you without exaggerating, since only focusing on a calorie deficit and performing cardiovascular exercises you are very likely to start losing muscle mass.

The loss of muscles is something we should avoid as it may. Therefore, a diet rich in protein and the addition of exercise with added weight is essential to maintain a good balance in your body and work toward the goal of lowering the tummy and turning it.

Something very important when performing exercises is to take water that helps oxygenation of the brain.