Always what we have to have is a goal in the mind very clear when we go to the gym and thanks to this we can get a great motivation as we are going to notice the changes in us. What we most want is to have well developed and defined arms.


The first thing to keep in mind is that if in our arms we contain a very high fat, we will never see some type of result in the exercises or tips that we will give, we must make a diet called hypocaloric and this To be able to lower the fat that we have in our body completely, so that we can visualize those changes.


Mainly we are going to focus on the growth of our muscles but besides it is always good and as mentioned above, if we have fat in our arms, we must use a hypocaloric diet so we can burn that fat that we have others in that part, in many gyms Or most have their instructor and they are the ones who put the routine and always ask us what it is we want to define and tell us where to start, but if we want to start alone it is important to create a complete body routine.


Something important to take into account is that exercise or training we should take it seriously and commit to perform the exercises in an appropriate way so that we can work the muscles together, and thereby achieve a greater increase and growth of The muscles of our arms, what we must do to be able to generate tissue and in this way increase our protein but natural arms.


Performing exercises such as funds, lizards, among various exercises, we are going to help strengthen our arms and become stronger every day.


We recommend exercises that we hope to do so that they obtain a good result, for example, French press, and the famous curl of biceps, and we can do it in a simple way and starting in few repetitions that will be 10 to 14 repetitions.


We have to be drinking water to hydrate but not much to be exercising, just to hydrate, then follow these steps and brief tips to serve and get good results.