How to make strong arms?

Nowadays, not only do men have strong arms or want to have them, there are many women who exercise not only to have an excellent body but also strong and firm arms.

One of the best exercises that we serve are the funds and another very good is the bench press.

An excellent exercise for our biceps is called dominated and this exercise is done in a bar at the height of our head or a little higher and what we will do is grab the bar that will be static and we hang from it but the fists should be Grabbed in front of you, then our body should be in a straight position and we started to rise only with our arms making the force in biceps. If you can not do them as far as you can go.

Another type of exercise that helps us to tone our arms, making them stronger every time we have the push-ups. In addition we have benefit in our pectorals, we can begin with the push-ups lying on our stomachs and our palms on the floor at the level of our shoulders, our arms must Of being straight and the only thing that touches the floor are our palms and the tips of our feet, then we go down doing the flexion in arms and our chest rubs the floor, these are great for our arms and pectorals.

A specific exercise for our biceps is with dumbbells sitting; To start doing this type of exercise we are going to sit on a chair and next to us a weight that we can support to make the right series and without much pressure, the position to do this type of weights is starting with our left arm, our Elbow must be inside the left knee and we will be holding the weight, then we begin with the exercise causing the weight to go straight up to our face, we will do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

One of the exercises that many will not like because it can be a lot of effort or because they do not like to practice or just do not know. It is important to have specific care since this exercise is done in the water because nothing is not only for the arms but also exercises the whole body.

It is recommended to do this exercise to swim from side to side and most of the force is done in the arms to have a better result.

We hope these exercises are useful for your arms to be strong and very toned and always remember to drink natural water because it will help you a lot.