When it comes to getting more muscle mass in the arms this term is more oriented to men since the bodybuilding is different and is related to manhood, but also not only for men but also is very good for women to achieve arms Strong and avoid tensions but you must keep in mind that this part of the body should be handled with less intensity.


Imagine that you want to get muscle mass in your arms but you must be aware that first you have to be in proportion to the other parts of your body and thus be balanced and this way you can increase the mass in your arms.


So you can gain muscle mass in your arms is not only working on them but working on exercises called compounds that means exercise with various parts of your body as well as rowing, deadlifts and stride to mention some.


When we are going to start training our arms it is very important to have a control so that we do not overdo it and in this way to have the proper amount of muscle, that is why we will teach you some very good exercises so that they have excellent results.


Remember we will work out compound exercises and start with triceps and biceps


We start with the triceps and for them we will do pushups with dumbbells, we call them mule kicks; We stand on the side of a bench and we support by putting the knee we have on the side of the bench on top of it, along with the arm we put it with the palm of the hand on the bench leaving all one side on the bench, we take a weight Of light size and what we will do is take our arm that is the opposite of which we have recharged, lift the weight up next to our chest but straight and this way we throw the elbow back doing the flexion. And this helps our triceps and we will do 3 sets of 10 repetitions three times a week.

Another exercise for our triceps will be the so-called skull crusher; We put ourselves face up on a bench or on the same floor (having a good support not to hurt our back), we take a weight of light size with which we can complete the series, then grab the weight with both hands and put straight Towards the ceiling and what we will do will be a flexion without moving the elbows and trying as much as possible that the weight arrives in front of us, here we will be doing the same series that will be 3 seires of 10 repetitions for three times a week.


Now we will work the other part of our arms that are the biceps


This exercise has benefits in the two parts of the body that are the lizards, to perform what we do will be face down on the floor and hands at shoulder height and do push ups and down, but when descending only chest touches the Floor and we will be able to increase our mass by doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions three times a week.


A last exercise to increase our muscle mass is the so-called dominated with bars, we hang from a bar that is above us very fixed, and what we do will be to raise and lower our chest touch the bar and we will do 2 sets of 15 repetitions three times a week


The exercises are very good but keep in mind that you must take care of your food and thus you can get a muscle mass in your arms magnifica.