When we talk about improving our physical appearance sometimes the route is obvious that we must take:

If you are thin the focus will be on gaining weight, preferably lean muscle

If you are overweight it would be to lose weight, reducing the percentage of fat

However there is another group of people that is a combination of both, their limbs are thin but in their central area both as abdomen and hips have a significant accumulation of fat, they feel skinny but fat at the same time, even when choosing Clothing is usually a problem because it is like having two bodies in one, want to take action and make that change in your life and that’s where you find the first problem to solve, which way to take it as if reducing the percentage of fat The abdomen will be favored by decreasing its size, but its limbs are thin will also reduce its size, but if they seek to increase the size of their limbs will also increase the size of the belly.

Sincerely people with this somatotype are the ones who most often stagnate because they want it all at once and one thing is what they want to get and another thing is the way they should follow, what they usually do is the following: They train with weights With the idea of ​​increasing muscle mass by focusing their training on the limbs and at the end of the routine they do cardio and abs to burn fat, but after a year realizes that it still does not solve the problem, the arms and legs Will have increased slightly but the fat in the abdomen is still there and this is because the focus is not correct which I explain in more detail in this article ( gain muscle mass and lose fat at the same time ) then what should I do?

Type 1 : You are thin, but with a little fat.

Type 2: You have a high fat percentage, but your limbs are still thin

Once identified the starting point you must establish what is the priority, although both somatotypes usually seek to improve their body composition the priority will be different. The first thing to keep in mind is that it is a long process, as for anyone, to build a Good physique requires time whatever the objective, however having this body composition, with an unfavorable fat distribution, you must divide it into two faces, which makes it take longer to achieve the final goal What is the first phase? … .. It depends on the starting point, let’s see:

Type 1  For example a very typical case is this, a thin person with little muscle mass, but with a little fat in the abdomen, is thin but has the right amount of fat so that the abdomen is not marked, even seen On the side you see a small protuberance, objective of the person: Mark the abdomen, Should they make a stage of definition? …  NO  Why? Because there is no muscle to define, if this person focuses on reducing more body fat percentage will take a surprise, open lost fat but still not see the abdomen marked basically because it has not yet built, despite For the abdomen to be visible it must have a low fat percentage, but for it to be marked it must have developed it first.

So what you have to do is increase muscle mass in general, training with weights or your own body weight and eating a little more of your caloric needs, it is normal to gain a little fat but will be compensated with muscle Cattle and that in this phase is where the abdomen is going to hypertrophy and later when you define you will see the defined abdomen and the bigger muscles in general because you have already developed them, in fact if we take two people with the same percentage Of body fat for example 15% and one is training and the other is not, the one that this training will evidently look better and more muscular, but optically it will look like it has less fat than the other person, because we could say that fat has shape.

Solution: Make a slight volume step with a 10-15% caloric surplus over your maintenance calories

Type 2:  If you have high body fat percentage, the first phase would consist of reducing it as much as possible by making a calorie deficit, Basically because being in a high fat percentage to make a volume stage is very counterproductive, on the one hand you will gain More fat than you have now and muscle gains will be low since having a relatively high percentage of body fat will have resistance to insulin and making a caloric surplus much of that surplus will go to the adipose tissue than to the tissue Muscle in a nutshell: You will gain more fat than muscle and you can have health problems.

If you have a lot of time with this excess fat, at the moment of losing weight you will notice that the face is getting thinner, the limbs are thinner and you probably feel thin and the people around you will tell you, but they do not know your goal and Your state of health and that is only the first phase of your transformation, you will become thinner, but it is the best thing that you can do for your objective besides that you will be better at health levels, the clothes will fit you better and now if you could Start with the second phase and build muscle, this you have to accept because it is the fastest process taking into account your body composition at this time.

On the other hand there is another option that is body recomposition, gain muscle mass and lose fat at the same time, but this approach has its nuances and you have to know how to do well, since it is more difficult to see the results in the short term, The body weight will tend to be equal because you are losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time, however this type of approach would be more for type 1  the calories would be the maintenance but the results you will notice more in the long term.

Note: Normally I do not recommend doing only cardio to lose fat because the final results are not usually the most optimal, but just this group of people are the ones that least favors cardio aesthetically speaking.