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Final circuit, set of 4 exercises you add at the end of your arm routine. It serves to increase the volume of your biceps and triceps.

In the search for larger arms, most men stay on the bar curl by lifting a lot of weight and doing few reps. Not knowing that the biceps and triceps respond best to the combination of weights. This means that it is best if we perform exercises with both heavy loads and light loads to increase blood flow.

To increase the growth in your arms, we recommend using this training designed to deplete the biceps and triceps at the end of your usual routine.

Do 3 sets of the next sequence going from one exercise to another without rest. At the end of the 4 exercises, rest for 30 or 45 seconds before starting again. For each exercise, choose a weight with which you can do 12 to 15 repetitions with ease. Take a rhythm that works for you not to rest between the repetitions.

Curl with Z bar.
French press to the forehead (breaks skulls).
Curl low pulley with bar.
Triceps extensions high pulley with rope.