The care of oily and dry skin in summer are different but share the same routine: cleaning, hydration and photoprotection , as indicated by Mayte Truchuelo, dermatologist and member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV). “Oily skin should be cleaned frequently, with tonics being an excellent option, followed by a moisturizer adapted to this type of skin. On the other hand, the dry one we will have to eliminate the impurities with more care, avoiding the tonics and with a constant hydration “, explains Truchuelo.

” For the facial care of skins with a fat tendency, we must avoid cosmetics rich in very occlusive oils because they produce secondary acne and eczema,” adds Marina Rodríguez, dermatologist at Hospital QuirónSalud  de Tenerife. In their experience, to replace missing fats – for genetic, hormonal or pharmacological reasons – mild cleansers and emollients with rich textures should be used to improve the deficient barrier function of dry skin.

Cosmetics for cleaning according to the type of skin

Both dermatologists agree that the most moisturizing cosmetics are suitable to combat dryness while tonics are more appropriate to regulate the amount of sebum . But what ingredients are most effective for each type of skin? “For the daily hygiene of oily skin , seborregulatory and keratolytic substances are advised to prevent the formation of comedones and antiseptic assets to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and fungi . The most used are: copper and zinc sulphate, serenoa serrulata, benzoyl peroxide, niacinamide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and retinoid derivatives, “says Rodríguez. Foams, gels, emulsions andmicellar waters are the most suitable textures in these cases.

And for dry skin? “We must choose anti-inflammatory or soothing substances such as niacinamide, bisabolol and oils in the form of washing creams, lotions or cleansing milk,” says Truchuelo. ” The oils and ceramides have a low surfactant power that prevents irritation and at the same time fulfills an emollient role,” says Rodríguez.

How to moisturize oily and dry skin in summer

People with oily skin have to develop acne, dermatitis , pruritus and superinfection so they should be applied moisturizing creams but with seborregulatory effect and compounds such as niacinamide and alpha and beta hydroxy acids that allow microexfoliation, according to Rodríguez. “It is important to use light excipients, usually with water-based and silicone-based, fat-free to avoid occlusion of the pores of the skin,” he says.

In the case of dry skin , this active derivatives dermatologist advised natural oils (almond, olive, argan , shea), ceramides, the lactic acid, salicylic acid, lanolin and emollient substances like urea . “These assets together with occlusive bases allow a greater uptake of water in the stratum corneum”, he points out.

On the type of texture, Truchuelo recommends gel products for the first and creams or emulsions for the latter.

Tips for sun exposure for each skin

The sunscreens with textures light as foams, gels, sprays and mists oil-free and non – comedogenic are the best choice for oily skin because they prevent sebum production and pore clogging. On the other hand, if there is a dry skin, bet on the use of creams, lotions, milks or oils to hydrate while sunbathing. Apart from these differences, Rodríguez points out the following photoprotection measures applicable to any person:

Use a sunscreen of 30 or higher.

Use sunscreen half an hour before sun exposure.

Replace the photoresist every three hours or even more frequently if there is excessive sweating , swimming on the beach or the pool or practicing water sports.

Generously spread the product and apply an adequate amount.

Wear t-shirts, caps and sunglasses .

What makeup to use for oily and dry skin

A basic routine is added makeup , whose use can increase in summer by attending more events, dinners with friends and family and travel during the holidays. At this point, both experts advise similar guidelines to those already mentioned. ” BBcreams all in one with color, solar factor and, in certain cases, act as a dermatological treatment, are good for oily skin. The fundamental thing is that they are oil-free and not comedogenic, “says Truchuelo.

In dry skin, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer before makeup (compact or fluid) and, although there is no excess of sebum, this specialist suggests always choosing oil-free and non-comedogenic products .