Biceps and triceps? Get them! read the following 6 tips

1 Stick to the Basics.

When training your arms try to get away from the machines and cables, since the use of dumbbells and bars offers the best size and shape of biceps and triceps.

2 Do not cheat in the movements of your exercises

Keep your body out of these practices. In order to earn serious profits, you have to put so much pressure on the muscles that you are working at that moment, regardless of the barbell or dumbbell weight, so look for suitable weights that generate enough stress and allow you to work properly.

3 specifically train the brachial when you make arms.

The brachial is a muscle of the upper arm, which runs on the biceps, and when developed helps to add dimensions to your arm and forearm. You can do this with any grip in the form of hammers , as with the dumbbells.
biceps and triceps

4 Do not lock yourself in a range of set repetitions or weight load.

Mix your game and replay ranges from training to training. Train as much as you can as you feel. If I have more energy, I could do a couple more sets or use a heavier weight. V ariation helps you keep things fresh.

5 Be creative with your exercises.

If something becomes too easy, look for a way to make it more difficult. For example, if your dumbbell hammers in the routine have become simple, now apollate on the wall try to immobilize your body by isolating your movement. Improvise your exercises making your muscles difficult

6 You have to rest and eat to grow.

People often forget that training is only part of the growth equation. If your goal is to put on 10 pounds of lean muscle, you should get a half inch or more in your arms.

bicepsy triceps