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After my first bodybuilding competition, I realized that my back muscles were not as developed as I had thought. However, this was not due to a mediocre effort in the gym during my back workouts.

Because my back muscles are one of my favorite muscle groups to train, my intensity and effort these days were always at a high level. So what’s up? I had to step back and take a closer look at my workout routine. What I found is that I needed to start training smarter instead of harder, and if you are looking to build a better lap , I have some helpful tips based on personal experience for you. My approach In my early bodybuilding years, I have used a typical part of a body-by-day bodybuilding training division. After all, that’s what muscle magazines promote as the most effective bodybuilding training protocol. However, when I saw this routine from a perspective of body movement, I quickly discovered that I was doing twice as much movement as the traction movements.

This is what I mean. Every week I dedicate a day to press vertically by my shoulders and a day to horizontal pressure for my chest. However, when it came to my back muscles, I did both horizontal and vertical pulling on the same day. How things changed After my realization that I was pushing twice as hard as I was pulling, I decided to change the way I did my back workouts. Not only would I start training my back twice a week, but I would also split the focus of each of my back workouts. I decided to devote a workout back to horizontal jerks and a workout back to vertical jerks.

Just to clarify a horizontal traction is pulling any movement or exercise in which your hands move at a horizontal angle in relation to your body, such as rows t-bar, dumbbell rowing, rows of cable, etc., and a traction Vertical is any traction or exercise movement in which your hands move at a vertical angle relative to your body, such as lat pull-downs, pull-ups, chin ups, close-grip pull-downs, etc. Once I started to devote each workout back to a different movement, this is what happened. The results The thickness and width of the back grew tremendously from the added frequency of my back workouts and split-type approach to back movements. Take me, if you are looking to build a better spin, split your workout back into two separate vertical pull-workouts- and horizontal pulls. If you are looking for a more specific routine to build back muscles, check out my complete guide for developing muscle strength, endurance and size.